Personalized Stories

Can't quite seem to find the kind of story you want? 

Looking for the coolest, craziest bachelorette party gift? Or maybe just a sexy gift for yourself? 

Do you have a fantasy or an idea that you'd love to see written out, in all its glory? 

Well, look no further. Here you can get made to order stories to make your toes curl, heart flip or head spin. Whatever sensual twist your heart desires! 

Simply buy one of the story lengths below, and fill out the questionnaire to let me know how you'd like the story personalized. And then sit back, relax and enjoy your very own romantic or erotic adventure. 

2,000 Word Story (Approx. 15 pages)

Short, sweet (or not so sweet), and to the point. I'll write you a 2,000 word story based on your submitted preferences. 

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5,000 Word Story (Approx. 40 pages)

A little longer, and little more choice. In 5,000 words I'll write you a scintillating tale to your specifications. Everything you ask for, all on the page. 

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Please fill out the below form to personalize your story. The below will not be honored until the story has been purchased above. 

This will help me match your story choices to your order.
What names and professions would you like the main couple to have? Businessman? Student? Secretary? Librarian? (Note: Only the characters' first names can be specified, full names not allowed).
Ethnicity? Hair color? Tall/short?
Do you like billionaires a la 50 Shades of Grey? Forbidden relationships between bosses and their underlings? Long lost lovers? Divorcees? What situation would you like to play a role in the story?
Can the leading man read minds? Is the leading lady a sleepwalker? Any quirky habits or character traits?
I just want to get a feel for your taste/ preferences.
This is your story. If there's some element you'd like me to write in, please let me know. If it can't be done, or there's some difficulty, I will give you a heads up.
1- Romance all the way. Brief, romantic love scenes. Nothing too raunchy. / 2- A bit sexier, but still not too blue. Might mention a few sexual specifics, but is just shy of being book porn. / 3-Let the fucking and cocks fly liberally. Dirty dirty dirty.
Happy ending? Tragic? Somewhere in between?